Roadblocks Removed

Thank you for all who prayed for David, especially for the last 24 hours.  David and Pastor Diawa took the bus to Manila, and didn’t arrive in time before the airline office closed. They decided to go straight to the airport instead.  David was able to talk to a PAL supervisor. Praise the Lord, David got the details worked out concerning their tickets. Then, David and Pastor Diawa spent the whole night in the Philippine airport!  Needless to say, a very long night.  I, Joy have not been able to talk to David on the phone, but was thankful he was able to text.  He texted that he and Pastor Diawa took turns sleeping, while the other one stayed up watching their bags. I have not heard from David that they arrived safely to Tacloban, but I assume they have.  I don’t expect to hear from David, since I doubt they have signal where he is teaching for the next 2 days.  Please continue to pray for stamina as I know David is very tired, and to stay well.  Please also pray as he teaches that God will use him.  I know the people are VERY excited to have him come teach and we know God will teach them much! David says he can tell people are praying and he is so grateful!

Thank you faithful prayer warriors!
Joy (for David too)


4 thoughts on “Roadblocks Removed

  1. Dear Joy,

    Thanks for keeping us posted to pray. Just got in from a conference we led, but SO MUCH EASIER than David had to go through.

    Will be praying, Dan


  2. HI Joy,

    I sent this out to our prayer team and praying for David and Pastor Diawa to be feel strength by the power of Jesus to complete all that God has planned for them to do for His glory. Keep keep me up dated we are praying.

    Blessing and Love in Jesus, Betty


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