God’s Punctuation

When I arrived in the Philippines to train and preach, I lost my voice as I finished preaching the first sermon. Every day after that, my voice was gone UNTIL it was time to teach or preach. Then, while I was teaching, my voice would be normal. As classes ended, so did my voice. “What is God doing?” turned into, “Look what God is doing!” God says, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit!” Our question marks are God’s exclamation points.

Pastor Diawa and Sister Leony
Pastor Diawa & Sister Leony

Our coworker, Pastor Diawa, preached for just a few minutes on Sunday when he collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital. After four days in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer, the question I saw on Leony’s face was, “How are we ever going to pay for all of these hospital bills?” Yet, God already had an exclamation point prepared for her. Just before I left to go to the Philippines, a supporter met me and said, “When you get to the Philippines, see if you can find a pastor or church planter who has a medical need. Pay for their medical care, and we will provide the funds.” God had already paid their hospital bill before Pastor Diawa became ill!

Highlights of this trip show how God turns what we think is a period into a comma. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to preach at the first church Joy and I helped start in Tarlac City. After our missionary team left Tarlac, the church struggled. Now, the church not only is healthy, but it has grown near to near capacity of their large sanctuary, and they are planting two daughter churches.

At summer camp in Mangaldan, I led a workshop on discipleship and training youth leaders. Both before I arrived, and after I left, these youth workers led camps in two other provinces.

I was also invited to lead a church planting seminar for a group of seven churches in the Capas area of Tarlac province. After the seminar, the churches invited us to return to teach two more church planting seminars this fall, with the rest of the churches in their region. Whenever we think we have come to a stopping point of an opportunity, God adds a comma, and gives us even more opportunity than before!

We also love God’s ellipses. Those three dots … create anticipation and suspense. Ruth and Joy are in Romania right now, helping lead sports camp for Wurmbrand Christian School. This will help Ruth see God’s plan for her life after high school by…

Ruth in Romania at Wurmbrand Christian School

For the last two weeks, Rebekah and Gunner have been in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico with 30 young people and adults from the church where Gunner is youth pastor. This will change the lives of these young people by…

God turns question marks into exclamation points, periods into commas, and introduces the future with an ellipse. Best of all, with every … He promises, “I know the plans I have for you.” Thank you for letting us partner with you to see what that future holds for the work God has given us, multiplying workers for world missions, and for church multiplication in the Philippines.

Servants together,
David & Joy & Weaver Family

Prayer ?’s and Praise !’s Footnotes:

1 Praise God for supporters who are faithful. Pray with us for four new supporters during our summer trip up north (we would love to see God stretch that into even more!).

2 Filipino church planters are praying with us for funds to come in for the Motorcycle Assistance Project, where workers can buy ministry motorcycles over 36 months interest free, cutting costs in half.

3 Pray for wisdom as we write discipleship materials for the Philippines, and for Shades Mountain Christian School. Praise God we will help lead a summer workshop to train key student disciple leaders.


10 thoughts on “God’s Punctuation

  1. David and Joy, AMAZING!!! Truly amazing!!! Thanks be to Jesus!! And thank you, Jesus, for the Weaver family!!! Humbly and gratefully, Rob Oates (Dothan, Al)


  2. Weaver family what a blessing you are and an encouragement to all of us who call you brothers and sisters in Christ! You give credence to scriptures like ” I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!” I am in my prayer place now as I read your message and what a way to prepare for prayer!
    God Bless You All!


    1. We love to hear that this work is on your mind when you are in your prayer place! Prayer is the work. Without it, none of this would mean anything.


  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We stand amazed at God’s goodness, faithfulness and timely ways that he prepares for what his children need! How beautiful that the man who gave the medical funding was hearing the voice of the Master Jesus and gave in obedience! What beautiful stories of God’s amazing goodness. Thanks for encouraging me today to be waiting, watchful and willing! Praise God.


  4. I loved hearing about all the miracles God performs for His children.  Thank you for sharing..I am praying for you and your children in the work you are doing.Love in Christ,   Bonnie


  5. ​Hi David & Joy,

    You are a great blessing to the Body of Christ. Your update of your last trip to Philippines was a blessing to read how God provide for your while being sick and not able to speak and your voice came back once you were preaching. The miracle of Pastor Diawa and what Jesus did to heal him and provide for the cost of his hospital bill. Seeing your daughters ministering in Romania & Mexico, God is at work greatly in their lives to impact the children. I just forward your e-mail to our Prayer Team,

    God Bless you each abundantly for His Glory, Betty


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