rachel! rachel and chris
On August 8th, Rachel said “Yes!” to Chris Sabol. Chris is a CIU graduate with a masters in TESOL (teaching English as a Second Language). Rachel and Chris plan to be married next summer. They feel God is leading them toward missionary service.

Engaged: “busy with an activity”

We too, are engaged with the work God has given us to do. This summer, we visited churches and supporters in states along the east coast. Now, we are preparing materials to be used in our upcoming training opportunities.

Our mobilization team will lead a mission workshop later this month. We will be helping a church to reach out to other cultures in their area, and to send missionaries around the world.

A local Christian school has asked us to train 12-15 student leaders in the discipleship process we use in CPI. These students will then train the rest of the high school and middle school how to follow and obey Christ.

In September, David will teach church planting principles to a new group of Filipino churches in Tarlac Province. He will, then travel north to teach Bible classes for the churches in Santiago City, Isabella.

Engaged: “in gear”

Thank you for being engaged with our mission to train workers to multiply the church in the Philippines and around the world.

Because of your engagement in this work, we now have enough funds to purchase at least one, and possibly two, motorcycles for the Motorcycle Assistance Program (MAP). Filipino church planters will purchase the cycles over 3 years, interest free, saving them about half the cost of buying from a dealer. Returned funds will then be used to purchase more motorcycles for other church planters.

Answered Prayers: Parents of over 240 very poor Filipino families have received weekly “family values” training over the last year. This starts, of course, with the gospel. Next, teens were invited to attend camp for free. Now younger siblings are being tutored for free by believers in the church in an effort to reach entire families for Christ.

Weaver support: Keep praying! Two churches this summer have shown interest in our ministry, and several have promised help for ministry projects. We still need support to make up for partners who have died or retired.

Servants together,
David & Joy & Weaver Family

*Praise God for training opportunities at a high school, a missionary sending church, and new Filipino churches.

*Please pray God will provide funds for the September training trip.

*Praise God we now have enough funds to purchase at least one, and possibly two, motorcycles for Filipino church planters.

*Thank God for giving us opportunities to reach entire families of the poorest Filipinos.

*Please Pray God will meet our support need through churches, and new individual support partners. We now need $1,900/month.


5 thoughts on “Engaged!

  1. Good Morning! We saw where you mentioned that you are in need of more monthly support and wanted to inquire more about the details of your need.

    What is your Total Annual budget?

    Any other information you can give to help us best meet your needs.


    Caroline Blair
    Missions Secretary
    First Presbyterian Church, Dothan


  2. ​Hi David & Joy,

    I know you are both so excited about Rachel’s engagement .​ What a blessing they want to be missionaries. I am so happy for her and your are great parents. I do pray for you all and you ministry each night along with the other missionaries. I know God will always give you all that you have need of daily this is His promise to us to meet our needs. Praise Him for taking care of us all. Also, I am lifting to Jesus nightly for the motorcycles money to flow in for this dear people in the church who needs help in getting around in the Philippines.

    God Richly Bless You. Betty


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