In the Philippines

Dear Praying Folks,
Here is a quick update on the ministry here in the Philippines.

Travel – Long delay leaving Atlanta, but still made my connection in Tokyo, avoiding overnight delay. Travel in country has been smooth (even the 8 hour overnight bus rides to and from Santiago City).
Health – Staying healthy. Heat and humidity is intense, as are the evening rains. Staying hydrated and rested, in spite of loaded schedule.
Ministry – Encouraged by faithfulness of Filipino workers, signs that our training in multiplication is taking root. In youth ministry, for example, we see four distinct generations of leaders, each training the next. Existing churches are combining resources to start new churches, all good signs.

My schedule has been invaded as usual, and I have double the teaching/preaching load that I thought I had. It has been especially rewarding to teach about half of the evangelistic family classes (sponsored by the government!), on God’s design for the family.

Tonight I teach the second half of the youth leadership seminar in Pangasinan, then tomorrow go 2 hours south to Tarlac for two days of teaching, and the inauguration of the Motorcycle Assistance Program (MAP), which will help church planters buy motorcycles to use in ministry. Sunday, I am back in Pangasinan for the 24th anniversary of the Mangaldan church (has it been that long?).

Churches are growing, people are eager to be trained, they are working together, opportunities keep multiplying. We are blessed!

Thanks for praying!


6 thoughts on “In the Philippines

  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for the good update to pray. We are so glad travel and health are going well IF HECTIC.

    What a joy to see so much fruit, even as it wears you out to train more!!!

    Praying for the rest of your trip,

    Dan Dougherty


  2. Praying for your continued travels and ministry and for Joy and family on the home front. May you continue to be uplifted with the strength that God provides His children! Blessings.


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