Arrivals, Departures

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Welcome into the world!
Due Date: APRIL 17, 2017
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We prayed that God would time the arrival of our first grandbaby so we could all be in Birmingham when he/she is born. However, God has a different plan. Though the baby’s arrival is imminent, Baby Barnett has not yet arrived. Thank you for praying for a safe delivery. David left for the Philippines on April 18, as scheduled.

Since our departures are still on schedule, we will go ahead and send out this letter. You will receive word of the baby’s arrival when God is ready for him or her to arrive.

Go into all the world!
jumbo-jet-1801305_1280 David: Talim Island, Philippines
David  has arrived safely in the Philippines to continue training church planters and church leaders.  Once again, his schedule in Pangasinan and Tarlac  provinces is loaded with doctrinal classes, youth seminars, evangelistic Bible studies , and church planting workshops. This will be David’s first time to offer church planting training on Talim Island, home of Sister Leony, Pastor Diawa’s wife. He will also get to join the rest of TEAM Philippines for the annual TEAM celebration weekend.

jumbo-jet-1801305_1280 Melody: Bristol, England
In July, Melody will join a mission team in Bristol, England, helping with VBS in a church being started there.  She has also recently settled into a home with several ladies from her singles group at church.

ruth in romania.png
jumbo-jet-1801305_1280 Ruth: Iasi, Romania
After graduation from high school in May, Ruth will fly to Iasi (pronounced “Yah-sh”), Romania again in June to help with volleyball and basketball camps at Wurmbrand Christian School. The day after she returns, she will begin serving as a counselor at Camp Straight Street in Birmingham.

jumbo-jet-1801305_1280 Paul: Portland, Oregon
Paul heads to the American Northwest at the end of May on tour with the Birmingham Boys Choir. They will be performing concerts in the Portland to Seattle area.

jumbo-jet-1801305_1280 New Arrivals Needed!
In the last year, a number of faithful prayer partners and supporters have flown to heaven. Some new supporters have arrived, but not enough to take their place. Please pray with us for the arrival of new prayer and support partners.

Thank you for tracking with us throughout this lifelong missionary journey. We are safe, since Christ pilots our way, happy, since we have you as travelling companions, and full of joy, since God is blessing our work.

Servants together,
David & Joy & Weaver Family

Praise God for safe, uneventful travel for David to the Philippines. Praise God for opportunities for us and our children to serve worldwide this summer. Praise God for providing the support needed for Ruth’s and Paul’s travels this summer.

Pray for safe delivery of a healthy grandbaby. Pray for special blessings on David’s Bible studies and teaching in Tarlac, Pangasinan and Talim Island this month. Pray that God will provide the support needed for David’s and Melody’s trips, and for our ongoing support need.


3 thoughts on “Arrivals, Departures

  1. Hi Joy,

    Praying for your family and know and the great mission work you all are doing for Jesus. Praying God’s divine hand is resting on David in the Philippines as He works for the church training there. Praying for your new grandbaby to be here soon, know this an exciting time for your family.

    God bless you all, Betty


  2. What wonderful blessings God is leading your family into. We will be praying for all. May baby’s arrival be safe. Love to you all.


  3. PLEASE let me know when and where the Choir will be in Seattle. It’s a long drive to get there, but I’d at least like to try to work out going to one of the concerts!



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