Pray for Joy

We Weavers are in need of some extra prayer right now. While in South Carolina, Joy fell, fracturing her left arm near her shoulder in three places. Please pray as she is in a lot of pain. Pray also that she will be able to see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.

Thank you for praying,
David (for the family/the Weavers)

Note from the editor:
Seeing as my family has been under a lot of stress, I think they’d appreciate your notes of encouragement or questions to be sent either via email or in the comments. Please refrain from calling or texting them, as replying to everyone will only create more work for them as they care for my mom. Thank you for your understanding and for your prayers!
-Rebekah Barnett


18 thoughts on “Pray for Joy

  1. To the Weaver family: Please be encouraged and know that our God is a healer. I am praying for the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to guard your hearts and minds at this crucial time for your Mom.


  2. So sorry to hear of your fall, Joy. We will be praying for you and the doctors as they work on you. May you know God’s peace and healing through all the challenges. Much love to you all.


  3. David and Joy, we’re so sorry to hear about Joy’s fall. We can only imagine the pain she must be going through right now. We’ll pray that the Lord’s presence will surround all of you and give Joy the comfort and healing that she needs. We’ll also pray that she can see an orthopedic surgeon very soon. We love you guys.


  4. Praying for you now as I just read the news. May the Lord grant healing and patience for your hearts. He cares. Love you, Aunt Joyce


  5. Praying for you now! May God pour out His healing power upon you and give you His grace and strength to endure and persevere through this difficult time!


  6. Dear Weavers,

    God bless you and especially Joy, healing her fracture! The Lord is near the broken hearted and those who are in pain. Know that He cares for you and in all your affliction Joy He Himself is afflicted.

    May the song you sang to us around our dinner table sustain your heart at this time: “I can trust Jesus”…how wonderfully trustworthy and caring for us He is!!!

    James for the Graveling family


  7. How horrible to even IMAGINE this accident which caused these dreadful injuries!

    We shall keep Joy lifted up to the Great Healer and ask for wisdom and skill for those “underlings” who will be treating her. May you all be recipients of the peace and grace only He can give!

    Martha and Bob

    Martha & Bob Ramage 719 528-1702


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