Running the Race With Joy

Running alone can be tedious, but running with friends can be pure joy! We have been running this race with Jesus, and with you, for 26 years in the Philippines. We are ready to keep running, especially when we experience what we saw and did in September.

Faith Bible Christian Church 25th Anniversary

The church was packed for the two Sundays of celebration for the 25th anniversary of Faith Bible Christian Church of Mangaldan. The first Sunday we invited families from all of our Bible studies. The second Sunday, all of the daughter churches of FBCC were there. Each generation of believers, from the founding members, to the newest believers, each shared special music and words of praise for God’s faithfulness. We marveled at how many generations of believers there are!
weavers-and-diawas-at-25th-fbcc-anniv.jpg“Sister Joy! I am so glad you have come. I really need to talk with you about some very hard trouble I am going through.” That quick call for help at church led to a deeper conversation later in the week, and prayer for perseverance in loving others, in spite of persecution. Joy always looks for ways to encourage the widows, and wives of pastors and workers. Often, she is the one they confide in for prayer.

We taught Bible studies all morning and all afternoon on the days we were not training workers. It still amazes us that each of these Bible studies has 30-40 adults, most who are not yet believers in Christ.

Government-sponsored Bible studies

While at the government sponsored Bible studies, Pastor Diawa asked these parents how many of their teen children attended YDS at school. YDS are Youth Development Sessions. The government allows our teams to go to the high schools, and invite the teen children of the families in these special Bible studies to a two hour Bible study, or Youth Development Session, twice a month. We estimate that about 600 teens from Mangaldan High, and 300 each of the three other area schools have the opportunity to attend these Bible studies.

Raymond tutoring
Tutoring children of parents in Bible studies

At the church on Saturday, about 30 children were being tutored in Reading, Writing and Math. Sister Leony said, “We were able to bless these children with backpacks for school this year, complete with school supplies, thanks to a generous gift from a Korean church.” We are praying that all of this love and Bible teaching will change these families by the grace of God.

The day CPI class began was very hot. By noon, we were drenched with sweat. Pastor Diawa loaned us towels to put down our backs inside our clothes, Filipino style, to keep us drier for the afternoon training. Even with challenges of heat, and Joy’s broken shoulder, it was a joy to teach workers eager to learn from God’s Word. After CPI, we went to the Gerona church, to preach, and to lead a seminar on Love, Courtship and Marriage.

There are more hills to run. Joy continues (painful) therapy on her shoulder. She appreciates everyone’s encouragement and prayers. CPI needs $16,000 for a new ministry van for our church planting work, and a daughter church of FBCC needs $40,000 for land and a building. We also need our full support before we can move to this church development area with the Malasiqui church. In the meantime, we run with patience the part of the race we can see.

It is a joy to run this race with you!
David & Joy & Family

Praise – Downhill Running
Praise God that Faith Bible Christian Church continues to focus on reaching out to those who need Christ.
Praise God for opportunities to train church planters, youth leaders, and to counsel church workers.
Praise God for unprecedented opportunities for the gospel in Bible studies, high schools and tutoring younger students.

Prayer – Uphill Running
Pray that believers facing struggles with unbelieving neighbors and relatives will continue to love well to draw them to Christ.
Pray that families will come to Christ through Bible studies, Youth Development Sessions and tutoring.
Pray for funds for a new ministry van, for church property for a daughter church, and for our full support.


6 thoughts on “Running the Race With Joy

  1. Thank you for the update. Will lift up these praise and prayer requests and that God will contonue to bless you and pour out His loving grace upon you. To God be the glory for your commitment, conviction and love that you have for those you serve in the Philippines.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blessings to you David & Joy,

    I sent out each time you sent us an update on your work for the Lord. Praying for all you both do in your ministry for the people in Philippines. Joy pray your shoulder will be well very soon in Jesus Blessed Name. Keeping you all in prayer to Jesus. God Bless you, Betty


    1. Hi Betty,
      We appreciate all your encouragement and prayers. Thanks, too, for passing on our prayer needs to others in the church. God is so faithful to hear and answer the prayers of his saints. We are honored get to be on the harvesting end of all those prayers.
      David and Joy


  3. Loved this report… and congrats on 26 years. 😊 will be 21 in March for us.

    I can see Joy being the person people confide in.. 😊




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