david’s poetry

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By David J. Weaver

Each berry is picked 
by her thumb and finger
As softly as a mother cat 
lifting its cub with its mouth,
stronger than a kiss
softer than a bite.
Each berry, one-by-one-by-one
is added to the growing heap
in the bucket on her arm,
where each has a story
of being wanted and chosen
and picked with
tender care.
In her lap, as every stray stem 
is deftly culled,
she looks over her treasure again,
each a gem 
to be washed and pampered
and preserved
with a dowry of sugar 
like a wedding day bride photograph,
all fussing attention 
and glowing face
and busy hands
over a hot stove,
one stray strand 
of her hair floating free,
like a comma that doesn’t know its place.
A thousand kisses
converge at last,
captured in a jar,
sealed with a lid.
Love is now portable,
a mother’s touch with a shelf-life,
so tangible as to be tasted.
A spoonful
of nurture on toast,
and every good boy does fine,
so long as every good toast needs jam.