past prayer letters

Here’s a PDF archive of our past prayer letters. Click a title to view.

November 2021: Helping God’s Fruit Bear Fruit

September 2021: Abiding Fruit

May 2021: No Graduation for Disciples!

February 2021: Behold, I Make All Things New!

November 2020: Vital Connections

September 2020: Looks Like a Prayer List to Me!

June 2020: God’s News is Good News

April 2020: Goodness and Mercy

January 2020: With All Our Hearts

December 2019: Family Matters

November 2019: Rag Rug Revival

August 2019: Rain for Harvest

July 2019: Growing Things

April 2019: Hot House Gardening

March 2019: God’s WD-40

December 2018: Good News! Great Joy! For all people!

October 2018: Faithful for Life

August 2018: God’s Van-A Short History

June 2018: Stepping Up

May 2018: Encouraged Together

March 2018: Open Doors, Open Hearts

December 2017: Wise Men Still Seek Him

November 2017: 7 Ways My Family is Filipino At Heart

October 2017: Running the Race with Joy

August 2017: Tale of Two Churches

June 2017: Commencement: A New Beginning

April 2017: Arrivals, Departures

March 2017: Servants Together

December 2016: A Holy Family

October 2016: Force Multiplier

February 2016: Two Pies

December 2015: Shepherds in the Field

October 2015: 7 Things Missionaries Aren’t Telling You

August 2015: God’s Knots

May 2015: In Union With Christ

April 2015: Planting Our Harvest

December 2014: No Room

October 2014: The Melon Patch

August 2014: Engaged!

May 2014: Advance By Faith

February 2014: His Heart, Our Feet